What’s New?

The past two years have been busy! We’ve worked with directly with families, partnered with the province, published newsletters, hosted workshops, and renewed our own vision.

In fall 2016, FSIO published its newsletter, Ontario Connections, with a report on recent activities. FSIO coordinated more than 150 volunteers to provide a Saturday program for Syrian families living in a hotel in Toronto’s west end, from October to March 2016. FSIO partnered with the province to host consultation sessions regarding Building a Better Future: A Discussion Paper for Transforming Early Years and Child Care in Ontario and the implementation of EarlyON Child and Family Centres. In addition, FSIO advocated for family supports in response to Building a Better Future and the draft service guidelines for EarlyON Child and Family Centres. Representatives from the Ministry of Education attended FSIO’s spring 2015, How Does Learning Happen?: What Does it Look Like in Family Support Programs?, along with frontline staff and managers from across Ontario. The spring 2015 edition of Ontario Connections discussed How Does Learning Happen?: Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years in relation to family support programs, as preparation for the spring forum.

In June 2016 and March 2017, FSIO board members met with external consultants to examine FSIO’s strategic priorities and establish future plans. Key outcomes of the sessions were reaffirmation of our goals of capacity-building and family-friendly policy, as well as new focus on using social media to connect with FSIO members across the province more efficiently and inclusively. Members, expect the next edition of Ontario Connections in your inbox soon, with in-depth reports on FSIO’s most recent activities to enhance and promote family support.