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Family Supports Institute Ontario is proud to offer professional training in family support that will contribute to quality and consistency in EarlyON Child and Family Centres and other family support programs across Ontario.

In the past 20 years, professional learning opportunities have largely focused on child development and pedagogy, with very little emphasis on the engagement of parents and caregivers.

With this in mind, FSIO has developed a series of workshops entitled “The Seven Essentials of Family Support,” professional learning opportunities to advance consistent, collective understanding of “valued practices” (Malcolmson, J., 2002) in the field of family support in relation to engaging families effectively.

The Workshops

The Guiding Principles of Family Support were developed by FRP Canada with consultation from family support programs across Canada. In this interactive workshop, these principles will be examined in ways to promote family engagement, create meaningful partnerships with families and communities, and how they connect to the four foundations of How Does Learning Happen.

It could be said that our most important work as practitioners in family support programs is to make authentic and meaningful connections with each family that crosses our threshold. In this workshop, we will explore the elements that facilitate connecting with the adult caregiver as the primary agent of interest to ensure continued participation and the best possible benefit for the family.

It is never enough for participants to be linked solely to the program facilitator; the greatest enduring gain is experienced when participants are connected to one another and enabled to build their own neighbourhood circles of support. In this workshop, we will explore every program’s intrinsic power to build community and discuss strategies that promote and enhance this important phenomenon in the best interest of the well-being of families over the long term.

Why is it that the family support model of working with families has been so successful over the past fifty years and what are the “magic ingredients” that promote and support family engagement and empowerment?  This workshop will focus on the power of a strength-based, family-centred approach, delving more deeply into the 12 Guiding Principles of Family Support.

High-quality family support programs are not lone and isolated entities within a community, but rather vibrant hubs at the centre of community life connected to schools and other community services. We will explore strategies for relationship-building beyond our program walls with an emphasis on forging strong ties with community schools, community centres and other community resources that enrich and support families’ lives.

Family support programs, as stated in the Guiding Principles, have valued Reflective Practice as a principle of practice to ensure ongoing and continual improvement. This workshop will focus on the rudiments of Reflective Practice with a view towards going deeper and developing a higher level of self-awareness and understanding. We will also discuss the value of team reflection and how to apply Reflective Practice within your staff team to better meet the needs of families.

How do we balance empirical methods of program evaluation with qualitative data such as families’ personal testimonies and valuable feedback? This workshop explores ways of conducting program evaluation.

Our workshops are designed for family supports practitioners, early childhood educators, teachers, and anyone working with families in any capacity, be it early learning and child care, FDK, or family support programs.

Workshops will introduce and build on theory and research in the family supports and early years field, are interactive and fun, and will ensure participants walk away with practical ways to implement their learning in their programs the next day!

Receive a Letter of Completion after each workshop and a Certificate of Completion once all seven workshops have been successfully completed.

Available Fall 2018!

Workshops are 2 hours in length.

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