Family Supports Institute Ontario


Our Services

FSIO is a small non-profit organization, governed by an active Board of professionals who have knowledge and expertise about both the needs of young families and the professionals that work with them. FSIO acts as a resource, is a conduit for the dissemination of current information, and provides professional learning opportunities, including workshops, conferences and a newsletter. Equally important, FSIO seeks to advocate for family support programs and professionals and to actively inform and influence policy developments and discussions at all levels of government.

FSIO is the ONLY organization that is dedicated to all aspects of supporting and improving the provision of high-quality, effective family support programs in Ontario. Through membership in FSIO, you will be connected to a provincial network of professionals working in similar programs across the province. As a member, you will have easy online access to information and resources that will benefit you and your programs. As well, you be will be able to participate in research and policy discussions and be able to benefit from current developments as shared in online discussions, webinars, conferences, consultations, and our newsletter.

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