FSIO has a long-standing commitment to increasing professional recognition for everyone working in the family support sector, while maintaining the organic and community-based essence of the profession. FSIO has developed and delivered workshops, courses, conferences, and modules that bridge family support services, theory, and practice to raise both the actual and perceived level of professionalism in the field. As EarlyON Child and Family Centres and Ontario’s Renewed Early Years and Child Care Policy Framework are introduced, FSIO is delivering new learning material across the province in formats suitable for frontline workers and managers, while reducing geographic barriers to participation in professional learning opportunities. All the while, FSIO supports your professional learning through:

  • The Essentials of Family Support professional learning workshops
  • The FSIO website, a single portal to all matters related to the sector, including a calendar of professional learning opportunities
  • E-mails and newsletters that keep you informed and up-to-date
  • Assistance with establishing local Communities of Practice
  • An online community for those working in the sector
  • Learning tailored to local needs, on such matters as engaging parents, building community capacity, and working collectively.

FSIO can assist you with your professional learning goals! Become a member to enjoy all of the professional learning that FSIO offers!