The FSIO believes in using social media to inform, engage, and inspire. The FSIO abides by the following guidelines in their social media engagement:

  • Only members approved by the FSIO will be allowed to post to its social media accounts.
  • FSIO social media accounts will be kept up-to-date with events, training, and news relevant to family support practioners in Ontario.
  • All language and content will uphold the Guiding Principles of Family Supports as well as the Ontario Human Rights Code. This includes ensuring that messages are inclusive, supportive, and respectful to the dignity of all.
  • Content and comments submitted by other FSIO members or members of the community will be monitored by the approved member(s) to ensure that it upholds these guidelines. Any defamatory, offensive, or posts/comments contrary to the Guiding Principles of Family Supports or Ontario Human Rights Code will be removed at FSIO’s discretion.
  • We may repost content from other partners/organizations, however a repost or retweet does not imply endorsement of the partner/organization.
  • The FSIO will monitor messages and respond in a timely manner.

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