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Mindfulness-based Practices that Support Children and Families to Thrive

January 31, 2018

Mindfulness has been the foundation for stress-reduction programs for decades. Recent research in neuroscience has found mindfulness practice to have a significant beneficial impact on the brain. Mindfulness helps develop increased attention & focus, strengthen empathy and compassion, counter the brain’s ‘negativity bias,’ and improve overall brain integration, leading to mental wellness and increased longevity. With all these known benefits, why not start early by teaching mindfulness to children? But how? How can we invite children into practicing mindfulness, as it is so often associated with being still for long periods of time? This experiential workshop will engage participants in a variety of age-appropriate, creative and playful ways to share mindfulness practice with children and parents, all infused with mindfulness principles – such as acceptance, letting go, patience, non-judgment, non-striving and compassion. It will explore the intersection of mindfulness and neuroscience and offer accessible ways to share this exciting information with children and families.


Participants Will Learn To:

    • Engage children of all ages in mindfulness practice – in individual, family and group therapy settings
    • Utilize playful and practical ways to teach children and parents about how the brain often reacts in the face of worry, fear, frustration, anger and other challenging emotions – and how mindfulness practice provides ways to respond
    • Utilize mindfulness–based practices that strengthen the brain’s neural pathways responsible for attention, relaxation, compassion and ultimately ‘feeling good’
    • Recognize considerations for leading mindfulness-based practices and discussion with children and families

Presenter: Sara Marlowe MSW, RSW

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