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Emotion-Focused therapy: The Transforming Power of Affect (Individuals)

November 30, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

The workshop will begin with a discussion of the role of emotion and emotional awareness in function and dysfunction.  The importance of working with amygdala based emotion will be emphasized.  The use of process diagnosis in an emotion-focused approach to identify both adaptive and maladaptive emotions and primary and secondary emotions will be discussed.  Differential intervention based on process diagnosis will be demonstrated.  six major principles of emotional change in psychotherapy Emotion, Awareness, Regulation, Restructuring and Reflection will be discussed. Videotaped examples of evidence based, methods for evoking and dealing with emotions in self-criticism and in emotional injuries from the past with significant others will be presented and discussed.  Participants will be introduced to the skills of moment by moment attunement to affect, and the use of gestalt methods of dialoguing with parts of self and imagined significant others in an empty chair.  A three-phase model for working with emotion in therapy will be presented.


  1. Bonding Phase: empathic attunement to affect
  2. Evoking Phase: evocation and arousal of emotion
  3. Restructuring Phase: Undoing emotion and developing a new narrative.


Educational Objectives:

  1. Learn to identify different types of emotional expression
  2. Learn when to regulate and when to access emotion
  3. Learn how to intervene differentially with emotion
  4. Learn how to access adaptive emotions to produce change
  5. Learn to identify phases in emotional processing to resolve self-critical splits


Period 1:  Emotion and its role in therapy

Emotion:  Theory and Research

  •      Emotion and its Role in Therapy
  •      Adaptive function of emotion
  •     Emotion schemes and sources of emotion

Emotion Assessment

  •      Assessment for differential intervention
  •      Primary adaptive emotion
  •      Primary maladaptive emotion
  •      Secondary reactive emotion
  •      Instrumental emotionality


Period 2:  Framework for Intervention

Major Emotional Change Processes

  •      Awareness
  •      Regulation
  •      Transformation
  •      Reflection

Framework of emotion-focused intervention

  •      The bonding phase
  •      The evoking and exploring phase
  •      The restructuring phase

Video Demonstration




Period 3:  Specific Method

*  Video Tape Demonstrations and discussion of Self-criticism and the emotion change process

Dialoguing with the self


Period 4:  Specific Method continued

  •     Self-criticism contd
  •     Needs and Wants
  •      Softening of Critic


Discussion: Indications and counter Indications for Emotion focused Work

  •    Overcontrolled and underregulated emotion
  •     The fragile client
  •     The self-annihilating client


Presenter:  Leslie Grenberg, Ph.D.

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Hincks-Dellcrest Institute
114 Maitland Street
Toronto, ON M4Y 1E1 Canada
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