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Welcome to Family Supports Institute Ontario (FSIO). The institute was established in 2007 and seeks to enhance the well-being of and improve outcomes for families and caregivers with young children. We believe that Family Support Programs enhance child and family well-being by reducing the isolation of parents and caregivers with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners by providing a range of programs, information and resources that encourage healthy child development and positive parenting and by being convenient access points to other community services. Such programs are strengths-based and focus on building supportive relationships, facilitating growth, respecting diversity, and furthering community attachment.

Our Mission The purpose of FSIO is: to promote and enhance the practice of family support practitioners; to increase professional recognition and capacity; to participate in research activities; to connect colleagues across the province and to influence the development of family-friendly policies and programs.
Our Vision Families and caregivers with young children throughout Ontario have access to a suite of high quality, flexible, locally delivered services and programs that are delivered by skilled, informed and dedicated family support practitioners.
Our Values • Peer support • Collaborative decision-making • Family-centred practice • The uniqueness of each family and program; equality and respect for diversity • Excellence • Fun

Our History

FSIO was established in 2007, from the merger of the Metro Association of Family Resource Programs (established in the 1980s) and the Ontario Association of Family Resource Programs (established in 1994). Since inception, FSIO has been focused upon voicing the family support perspective in discussions and transformations of the early years sector.

Recent Activities

FSIO has been involved in shaping the emerging early years and child care system in multiple ways. We have written to the government in response to policy and pedagogy documents, and we participate in reference, advisory, and planning groups, such as the Minister’s Early Years Advisory Committee. 

What’s Next

FSIO is focused upon supporting practitioners through the transition to EarlyON Child and Family Centres. We will continue to consult with the province and relay your perspectives. We are focused on giving our members a voice at the table to ensure that The Guiding Principles of Family Support are upheld and that the dual focus of child and family are at the forefront.

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