Women’s Economic Empowerment: A Call to Action for Ontario

Ontario’s first Ministry for the Status of Women is seeking feedback from individuals and organizations to shape its strategy for the economic empowerment of women.

The Ministry, which aims to advance gender equality in Ontario, has published an engagement paper, Women’s Economic Empowerment: A Call to Action for Ontario.

Acknowledging that women’s rights have advanced through the efforts of generations of advocates, yet many women and girls still face barriers, the paper puts forth the following vision: “Every woman and girl in Ontario is empowered to succeed, with their choices supported and sustained by a society that provides equal access to economic and social opportunities” (p. 10).

To this end, the paper focuses on four key areas for all sectors in Ontario to address:

  1. empowering youth
  2. promoting economic opportunities for women
  3. encouraging women and girls to take leadership positions
  4. shifting social attitudes to promote gender equity

(Government of Ontario, 2017, para. 3).

The paper identifies barriers to the economic advancement of women, as well as steps that the provincial government has taken to support women’s economic empowerment. In addition, the proposed outcomes of action are listed.

You are invited to share your ideas, experiences, questions, and comments by emailing womensempowerment@ontario.ca or completing the Ministry’s online survey.

FSIO has submitted a written response on behalf of its members, as part of its advocacy services. FSIO advocates for family-friendly policy and is the only dedicated provincial organization that seeks to represent family support practitioners and the services they provide.

Feedback is being collected by the Ministry of the Status of Women until September 1, 2017.